KODA LifeTrace – Ionic Mineral Water Supplement

LifeTrace76 is an ionic mineral supplement to be added to the dog’s water.  Filtered, RO (reverse osmosis) and distilled water strip needed minerals along with the harmful pathogens. LifeTrace76 adds back in all 76 minerals needed for healthy bodily functions and is very low in sodium and potassium.  Just a few drops in the dog’s water provides all the core necessary minerals for a healthy life.

In an effort to protect their dog from pollutants, microbiology and heavy metals, many people, filter their dog’s drinking water.  This is a good thing!  The problem arises from the mechanical methods used to filter the water.  All, from the least efficient to the highest efficiency remove minerals from the water along with the constituent items they want to filter.  Worse, is when people use distilled or ionized water for their dog’s drinking water which actually leaches out minerals from the dog’s body causing illness and distress.

Leaching minerals or severe reduction in minerals in the dog’s body can cause many skin disorders, diarrhea and severe imbalances manifesting as irritations, agitations and stress.

The easiest way to assure your dog’s health is to add back in minerals needed for a healthy life.  We created LifeTrace76 to add back in all the necessary trace mineral for a healthy balanced life free from distress caused by low minerals in the water and even food.  A few drops in the dog water bowl at each refresh and your dog will maintain a perfect mineral body balance.

Trace minerals have also been shown to reduce and thwart off the bio-burden from industrial chemicals in a dog’s body that come from the environment.

Here are some of the benefits.

• 76 Ionic Trace Minerals

• Anti-aging Properties

• Higher Energy Levels

• Probiome Enabler

• Aids Nutrient Uptake

• Add to Water Bowl

• Digestive Aid

• Balances Electrolytes

• pH Balanced

• Low Sodium

• Low Potassium

 Here is the Therapy Facts and Ingredient Deck Panel for LifeTrace76


 Dosing and Use:  This product is added to daily drinking water.  Each pump delivers 2cc of product.  The dose is 2cc per ten (10) pounds (4.5kg) of body weight. For example, a 40 lb dog would get 4 pumps (8cc) into or on their food.  The taste is attractive to dogs and there is no pill to push or drops to apply in the mouth.





  1. Just curious if the Koda line is safe for cats. My pets share drinking water at times and I want to use the mineral supplement, but not sure if it is safe for the cats.


    • Hi Shawna,

      LifeTrace and OmegaLife are fine for cats. The reason we do not support cats with the line is that there is debate among experts in regard to the topical use of essential oils for cats. This would fit into the grooming category and cats tend to be self-groomers unless they are ill.

      Cats do not need ProCalm since they are already pretty calm creatures. ProBiome is also not needed based on a good balanced diet and cats natural licking. ProFlexoil is also not needed for cats because they do not struggle with joint issues like some breeds of dogs.

      So, no need to worry about LifeTrace in the water. To the contrary, people who water their dogs and cats with filtered or RO water are removing needed minerals that LifeTrace replaces. Generally dosing is not an issue. The interesting thing is that cats tend to gravitate to LifeTrace water. I have a cat and dog who each have separate water bowls (for equality sake) and the cat tends to drink out of the dogs bowl which has LifeTrace. Now I put a few drops in the cats bowl and the dog thinks the cats water tastes better…I think that is a dog-cat thing.

      I hope this helps.


      • Bob,
        Thank you so much. I actually work for a retailer who sells the Keys line and so I am excited to be able to share this information with my customers as well. Thank you!


    • Hi Amber,

      The human version of LifeTrace is called Concentrace. It is available in drops to add to water at most health food stores or on Amazon.



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