Vegan Dog Food and Pet Nutrition: J-Wro Lo-Lo Vegan Vlog

KODA is gaining steam with a few big announcements coming soon!  We thought you would like to see the video Jason Wrobel created featuring KODA products.  Jason is a well known vegan and actor in the LA area and his pup, Gordon Pete is a KODA Dog!  Enjoy Jason humor and talent.





  1. Bramble roamed free on a farm and probably ate lots of rabbits/mice etc to augment his diet plus his story is so rare anyway how could you go by one dog making it on a vegan diet? Dogs are omnivores and can eat vegetarian diet but not strictly vegan which lacks taurine/carnitine etc. I myself am a vegan but when I researched and found that I would be harming my beloved dogs by forcing them to be vegan I compromised and make sure they get some animal products in their diet. Also giving them lots of grains is harmful to their health, not natural for their digestive system. Dogs have a different digestive system to us, they need an acidic diet vs our need for alkalinity. Your dog may be doing fine now but unfortunately his future does not look great. A good option is Honest Kitchen products which I use for my dogs and add some extra protein sources to. brit

    • Hi Brit,

      Thanks for the comments. I have forwarded them to Jason.

      Jason is very focused on vegan lifestyle and is pretty strong minded about the subject. Said, KODA tends to agree with you that there are some very specific dietary requirements for dogs. Raw protein is very important as is easing into dietary changes for dogs. The KODA dogs all are feed a balance of animal protein as well as fruits and vegetables. They also receive a variety that include beta-carotene foods like pumpkin, sweet potato etc. Even though we are not in the pet food business, we manufacturer and cook foods for our dogs.

      Jason is very well known as an expert in the Green and Raw food community in Los Angeles and is a host on the Food Network. I know he has done his own research and we also know there is quite a bit of controversy over the subject of feeding dogs. Our bigger concern is the body burden from industrial chemicals that afflict our dogs and pets. If you have not read it, check out our article titled Polluted Pets.

      Thanks you for taking the time to write!



  2. that is wonderful news about your feeding protocol, I love your philosophy and am excited about your products. I love the Keys for myself too 🙂 I make most of my own dog food too except for rare occasions(mostly raw)

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